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Vest - Blue
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Vest - Blue
A very fine polyester fabric made in Japan. This polyester is comfortable to wear, crease resistant and very serviceable. The perfect choice when travelling as it is very crease resistant.

  • 100% Polyester

  • Texture
  • Tightly woven

  • Care Instructions
  • Dry clean only

  • A comfortable, crease resistant and very serviceable fabric!
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    Vest - Polyester - Blue
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  • Lapel
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    Classic V-neck

    Notch Lapel

    Peak Lapel

    Shawl Collar

    Round Neck

    Mandarin Collar

    Standard Pointed Bottom

    Rounded Square Bottom

    Square Bottom

    Single Breasted, 3 Buttons

    Single Breasted, 4 Buttons

    Single Breasted, 5 Buttons

    Single Breasted, 6 Buttons

    Single Breasted, 5+1 Buttons

    Double Breasted, 3x2 Buttons

    No Pockets

    2 Lower Patch Pockets

    2 Lower Flapped Pockets

    2 Lower Welt Pockets

    2x2 Welt Pockets
    Full Cloth Back                        Satin back
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