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Suit - Classic Black
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Suit - Classic Black
This super 140 fabric is a very exclusive fabric made of wool and Lycra. The stretch quality of the fabric given by the Lycra makes the suit extra comfortable to wear. Note: This product has lining inside.

  • 93% Wool

  • 7% Lycra

  • Texture
  • Tightly woven

  • Care Instructions
  • Dry clean only

  • A very soft and comfortable woollen strach fabric!
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    Suit - Wool Stretch - Classic Black
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    Single Breasted, 1 Button

    Single Breasted, 2 Buttons

    Single Breasted, 3 Buttons

    Double Breasted, 2x2 Buttons

    Double Breasted, 2x3 Buttons

    Peak - Standard for Double Breasted

    Notch - Standard  for Single Breasted

    Slim Notch, Fashion Lapel

    No Vents

    Center Vent

    Side Vents

    No Top Pocket


    Patched Pocket

    No Bottom Pockets

    Regular Flap Pockets

    Slanted Flap Pockets

    Patched Pockets

    Patched Pockets w/Flaps

    Hipster Style / Very low

    Low Waist

    Slightly below navel (normal)

    On Navel

    Slightly High Waist

    High Waist

    No Pleats

    Single Pleats

    Double Pleats






    Regular Button Closure

    Regular Clasp Closure

    Extended tab with Button

    Extended tab with Clasp Closure


    Classisc Slashed

    Vertical Inseam

    Double Piped

    Frog Mouth

    With Cuffs

    Hermmed Bottom without Cuffs


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