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Coat - Brown
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Coat - Brown
This fabric is a very exclusive Italian 100% wool blend with 40% Angora Wool. Angora wool refers to the luxury fibre produced by the Angora rabbit and it is known for its extraordinary soft, warm and silky texture. As an Angora rabbit produces only a small amount of wool the Angora wool is more expensive than other kinds of wool.

  • 60% Wool

  • 40% Angora wool

  • Texture
  • Tightly woven silky texture

  • Care Instructions
  • Dry clean only

  • A very exclusive quality. Good value for money!
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    Coat - Angora Wool - Brown
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    Single Breasted, 3 Buttons

    Single Breasted, 4 Buttons

    Single Breasted, 6 Buttons

    Double Breasted 4 (2) Buttons

    Double Breasted 6 (3) Buttons

    Fly Front with hidden Buttons 

    Wrap Around Front with Hidden Closure

    Peak Lapel

    Notch Lapel

    Notch Lapel with under the collar tabs

    "Shirt" Lapel/Club Collar

    Rounded Shirt Lapel

    Shawl Collar

    Without Back Slit

    Center Back Slit

    Dobble Back Slits

    No Pockets

    Flap Pockets

    Slash Pockets

    Patched Pockets with flaps

    Welt Pocket


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    Sleeve Straps

    Sleeve Tabs

    No Belt

    Classic All Around Belt

    Fastened Back Belt

    Button Fastened Back Belt



    Narrow Waisted


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            Warm Winter Lining            All Year Lining
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