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Print outline of the body measurements needed WOMEN MEN
Print outline of the body measurements needed – MEN
Below we have listed each of our products separately as well as the most frequently sold product combinations. If you click at one of the products or product combinations you will get an outline showing exactly which body measurements we need you to take when ordering the specific product or product combination. Furthermore, it will be shown in writing and by illustrations how to take the relevant measurements.

Please print the relevant measurement guide here if you want to take your measurements before entering the ordering process as you might prefer to have your measurements ready for entering when ordering. Otherwise you can choose to take your measurements during the ordering process as you will then automatically be led through the relevant measuring guide, too.

If you choose a combination of products which is not shown at the list, please note that you will automatically be led to the correct measurement guide for your specific product combination during the ordering process when the relevant products are placed in your shopping cart. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us directly

Outline of exactly those body measurements needed when ordering the following ANNE SPANG product(-s):
Suits Jackets Trousers Shirts Vests Coats
Suits Suit     Suit / Shirt Suit / Vest Suit / Coat
Jackets   Jacket        
Trousers     Trousers      
Shirts Suit / Shirt

Suit / Shirt / Coat

Suit / Vest / Shirt
Jacket / Shirt

Jacket / Shirt / Coat
Trousers / Shirt Shirt   Shirt / Coat
Vests Suit / Vest

Suit / Vest / Shirt
Coats Suit / Coat

Suit / Shirt / Coat
Jacket / Shirt / Coat       Coat

Shirt / Coat

To be able to open the measurement guides above Adobe Reader must be installed at your computer. If you have not got Adobe Reader already, please download it here or start the ordering process instead, as you do not need Adobe Reader to print the relevant measurement guide from there.   

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