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There will be no compromises with regards to quality when ordering ANNE SPANG made to measure clothes - the tailor work, the fabrics and the design will all be of the highest possible quality.
Our vision is to create a strong ANNE SPANG brand associated with high quality. We are highly depended on loyal and satisfied customers visiting our shop again and again and recommending our clothes to their peers. This we are achieving by never compromising with regards to quality and service, and by being as deeply involved in every detail as possible.

To ensure a great shopping experience for you as a customer – from visiting our website for the first time to wearing your new ANNE SPANG clothes – every single detail regarding the ANNE SPANG concept as well as our web shop we have build personally from scratch. We have personally selected and tested all our fabrics of the very best quality, almost all of them made by highly respected European mills. All our tailors are selected carefully based on quality, precision and security of delivery and always after personal visits to their stores - both in Europe and in Asia. We have personally developed a range of exclusive classic clothes for her and him. We have developed our own comprehensive measurement form. And of course every piece of ANNE SPANG clothes will have to pass our strict quality control in the Danish office before being sent to the customer.

In Asia especially you will find a large number of tailors. Some of these are very skilled and professional but unfortunately quite a lot of them deliver clothes of an unsatisfying quality. The tailors of Asia you will meet when travelling there but also you will find them producing most of the tailor made clothes being sold through Western internet shops. In fact, quite a few of the Asian tailors are selling complete and ready-made web shop solutions enabling people fast and easy to start up a Western web shop, based on the asian tailor’s fabrics, styles, measurement guide etc., though. As a tourist - or when shopping online – it is very difficult to assess the quality of the fabric and the tailor work before ordering. The quality of Asian fabrics might not meet the standards for the same kind of fabric made in the Western countries. And despite the globalisation we still dress differently from one part of the world to another.

At ANNE SPANG no compromises will be made with regard to quality and therefore our company is not based on easy solutions. You can rest assure that our concept and every detail at our web site is build from scratch by us after our high European quality standards. The result is that 9 out of 10 times we will be able to deliver your new high quality made-to-measure clothes within only 14 days after ordering!
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