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When ordering ANNE SPANG made-to-measure clothes you will get clothes fitting you perfectly and furthermore you will have the opportunity to choose exactly the style and fabric suiting your body the best. Below you can read more about which styles, colours and patterns to choose to look your very best:

Slim and/or Tall Men
Short and Slim Men
Short and Heavy Men
Stout Men
Athletic Build Men
Narrow Face/Long Neck
Broad Face/Short Neck

Slim and/or Tall Men

The tall man needs fuller cut clothes for balance and style. Deemphasize length by breaking up the vertical lines.

  • Choose double breasted jackets that button on waist and not below it, such as the 6/2 button placement. If you prefer a single breasted jacket choose a two button model
  • Choose broader lapels finishing in lower area of upper chest
  • Flap pockets and additional ticket pockets broadens
  • Fabrics can be of heavier quality  such as flannels
  • You can choose larger scale patterns such as broad stripes and window pane checks.


  • Choose long rise, full cut trousers with deep pleats
  • Trouser legs with a gentle taper 
  • Avoid slim legged trousers
  • Choose cuffs with a definite break on the shoes.

  • Choose shirts with spread collar 
  • You can choose broadly spaced fine-lined stripes, horizontal stripes, checks and window pane checks.
  • White contrast collars and cuffs breaks up length.

Short and Slim Men


  • Jacket length should be as short as possible, covering the buttocks without cutting the wearer in two 
  • Peaked lapels offers more height  
  • Choose a jacket without vents or with side vents 
  • Flap pockets add width to the hip area and balance better with wider shoulders, but they are not as elongating as a narrow pocket   
  • Choose fabrics offering more length such as herringbones and medium spaced chalk or pinstripes. 
  • A single breasted 3 button coat promotes a longer line


  • Matching trousers offers more length than a contrasting one 
  • Trousers should be long enough to break on shoe to extend the view from top to bottom


  • Vertical striped shirts offers more height 
  • Choose non-contrasting collars and cuffs 
  • Choose spread collars, tab collars or long pointed pin collars.

Short and Heavy Men

Choose clothes elongating but deemphasizing breadth.

  • Choose a single breasted peak lapel jacket with 2 buttons 
  • Choose besom pockets instead of flap pockets 
  • Choose side vents or no vents in the jacket 
  • Sleeves need to taper down to cuff. They must not be too wide at hand 
  • Choose dark solid colours like black, dark blue and dark grey or medium-width striping and herringbone to deemphasize bulk
  • Choose a straight cut coat


  • Choose a comfortable fit on natural waist and not below protruding stomach
  • Reverse pleats on trousers keep front flat while breaking the expanse of its width
  • Cuffs assist the transition of the full cut trouser to the larger scaled shoe.


  • Choose a shirt with long straight point collars


  • Choose single breasted jackets with 2 buttons instead of double breasted
  • Choose jackets in dark coloured fabrics like black, dark blue and dark grey. Solid coloured or vertically striped.
  • Choose besom pockets instead of flap pockets
  • Choose side vents
  • Make sure that the jacket cuffs are not too wide at the wrist.

  • Choose trousers with a waist at the stomach slightly below navel, with wide legs and without pockets and pleats
  • Choose the same fabric for the jacket and the trousers for a taller and slimmer look.


  • Choose a shirt with long straight point collars and vertical stripes

Athletic Build

If you are of average high with a chest size at least 8 inches more than your waist size, the principle is to reproportion the over sized shoulder with a smaller bottom.

  • Choose single breasted jackets with 2 buttons instead of double breasted 3 button jackets.
  • Shoulders should be as natural and unpadded as possible
  • Jackets need length to balance the heavy shoulder build without shortening the leg line
  • Choose jackets with side vents or no vents
  • Choose flap pockets
  • Choose full lapels
  • Choose dark fabrics - solid, herringbones and subtle stripes

  • Wear your trousers as high on the waist as comfortable
  • Full cut through hip and thigh with taper to cuffs
  • Trousers leg should have definite break on the shoe

  • If you have got a broad face and a thick neck choose vertical shirt collars and strong striped fabrics

  • If your face is narrow and/or your neck is long you should choose a shirt with spread collar

  • If your face is broad and/or your neck is short you should choose shirts with a classic collar or with long straight point collar.

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