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All ANNE SPANG clothes are tailor-made made-to-measure clothes. Therefore you have to state your relevant body measurements when ordering ANNE SPANG clothes. You can easily take your own measurements following our detailed measurement guide, but the first time ordering you will have to devote a little time for measuring. It is definitely worth the while, though, as it is a condition of creating clothes which fit your perfectly. And please note that reordering will be quick and easy as your measurements will be stored under your personal profile.

You will automatically be led through the Measurement Guide as soon as your ANNE SPANG clothes have been added to the shopping cart and you proceed to checkout. Here you will be asked to state exactly those of your personal measurements needed to make the clothes ordered.
In the Measurement Guide you will find a detailed description of how to take each single measurement and furthermore it is shown by illustrations. Your measurements will be saved at your personal profile for future orders so you don’t have to enter them every time you are ordering. Of course you can choose to change or adjust the filed measurements if you have gained or lost a little weight or if you for instance want to order your next pants a little longer for higher heels.

We recommend that you print our Measurements Form, make somebody help you measuring if possible, and take your time. 

Please read our guidelines carefully and have a close look at the relevant illustration before taking the measurement. Make sure thoroughly to take and write down all the relevant measurements one by one before entering the measurements into the system. Please notice if the specific measurement should be taken directly from the body, from the body while you are dressed or from another garment. And please remember to state how you did in fact take the specific measurement as this knowledge is important to our tailor.

Furthermore, when ordering please also attach photos of you (one taken from the front, one from the back and one from the side – taken whilst being dressed, of course). Photos showing your body shape and posture will help our tailors creating the optimal fit when making your new ANNE SPANG clothes.
Please note that you can only enter individual measurements for one single person under a personal profile. And for one specific E-mail address you can only create one personal profile. If you would like to shop for more than one person - for instance for you and your spouse – you will therefore have to complete the ordering process separately for each person under different personal profiles with different E-mail addresses.

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