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It is quite easy ordering ANNE SPANG made-to-measure clothes. As soon as you have chosen PRODUCTS FOR WOMEN or PRODUCTS FOR MEN in the menu to the right, you will automatically be led through the entire ordering process.

If you for instance are going to order a pair of trousers, first you will have to choose the fabric and then the style. Then you can choose to alter specific design details at the style chosen, as you wish. When you go to checkout you will be asked to enter your personal measurements. Of course you will only have to enter the measurement we need to make exactly the clothes you have ordered. When ordering for the first time you need to devote a little time for taking your body measurements but it is certainly worth the while as it is a necessity for making your made-to-measure clothes with a perfect fit. And of course you will only have to enter your measurements once as they will be stored under your personal profile making re-ordering quick and easy.

The procedure for placing an order in the ANNE SPANG online shop for tailor-made clothes is as follows:

1. Choose between clothes for women or men

2. Choose the product, a jacket for instance

3. Choose fabric quality/price

4. Choose fabric colour/pattern

5. Choose basic style (of the jacket for instance)

6. Choose between ordering the basic style as it is or to alter the design as you wish

7. Enter your alteration choices to the basic style, if chosen

8. Add to cart.

9. If you want to continue shopping, please repeat step 1 to 9

10. Proceed to checkout and measurement guide

11. Create new account or login to existing one

12. Enter new or approve existing personal measurements

13. Choose method of payment

14. Approve the order

15. Receive the order confirmation by e-mail

Click on the relevant link below to start shopping:

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If you have got questions please have a look at our FAQ or feel free to contact us per e-mail or phone.

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