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ANNE SPANG is founded in May 2008 by Anne Mette and Rolf Sprunk-Jansen. The company is based on an old idea of Anne Mette who since year 2000 has wanted to build a strong brand of high quality made-to-measure trousers for women sold by the internet to satisfy women’s need for trousers with a perfect fit.

Anne Mette has always found it difficult buying trousers with a perfect fit. Trousers with a satisfying fit around the hips have usually been too large in the waist and in the length and therefore she has often remade her new trousers herself before wearing them to get a satisfying fit. Over the years Anne Mette learned that in fact a lot of women find it very difficult or nearly impossible buying trousers with a satisfying general fit and the perfect size in waist, hips and length at the same time. The selection of of-the-rack trousers in the shops takes only slightly into account the very different shapes of the female body and the countless combinations of waist width, hips width and leg length.  

Since Rolf and Anne Mette discussed the business idea for the first time the quality, the security of delivery and the internet has been carefully considered. Now the general trend is that more and more people are shopping on the internet and during the last 12 months this trend has really been obvious in the clothing industry. Therefore, they did not find the timing right for realizing the business idea until 2008.  
The first months they worked from scratch very goal oriented with the concept outlined. During summer they entered into agreements with suppliers of high quality fabrics and competent tailors and at that point of time Rolf ordered some suits and shirts for himself, too. As soon as he received the clothes and saw the quality of these tailor made men’s trousers, jackets, vests and shirts it was decided to expand the concept to the current concept: To sell exclusive classic made-to-measure clothes for women and men.

Rolf and Anne Mette met in 1990 at Business School from where both have a Master Degree. Anne Mette has specialized in marketing management, while Rolf has worked with management and e-business. Anne Mette has since her teenage years often designed and sewed her own clothes and has got a natural interest for this profession. The last 12 months before ANNE SPANG Rolf has been in charge of a turn-around process for a very interesting Danish company designing clothes for women. 
We hope you will be pleased with our exclusive made-to-measure clothes. No matter if your reason for buying is that you find it difficult to find trousers with the perfect fit, that the selection of shirts with extra long sleeves is too small or if you just won’t settle for less than the perfect fit and quality. 

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